Bridging The Gap To Help You Connect

To keep ahead, you need strategic thinking from an experienced Information Agent who is committed to finding and delivering creative solutions.

We at Globic realize the importance of having an advisor capable of handling the transaction-specific challenges faced by our clients. Globic applies an integrated suite of services to our clients' goals, adapting and enhancing those services to address each transaction's specific needs.


We understand the huge demands heaped upon the Trustees. At Globic we have tailored our service to be able to assist you to meet success within the pressure filled parameters, which you often find yourselves. Whether servicing a defaulted issue, transmitting notices, or soliciting a direction from the investors, we take pride in our ability to assist you in communicating to your constituency in the most time and cost efficient way.

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There is no disputing that knowledge is power. From the transaction's inception to its conclusion, let Globic give you comfort in knowing who your investors are, and where they are located. Furthermore, you can relax in the knowledge that any communication will be received by 100% of your investor populace.

Utilizing the latest technology, we will accelerate the transmission of information to and from your investors while dramatically reducing the out-of-pocket expenses of printing and mailing.

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Investment Banks

At Globic, we feel privileged to work with large investment banks and welcome the energy that they bring to any transaction. Our tireless team will work beside you, matching your individual sense of urgency. Let us survey the investor population, and give you acute market awareness so that you may construct and execute a successful transaction.

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Corporate or Securities Counsel

Globic's staff has extensive experience across a wide range of transactions. Therefore, when it comes to transaction mechanics, we know what works, both legally and from a marketing perspective. Our legal department will work closely with the project's counsel to craft a document to better "reach out" to investors and solicit their response. Together, we will craft a successful deal.

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