Globic provides innovative solutions that help our clients identify and communicate with their bondholders with levels of speed, accuracy and efficiency they could never achieve on their own.

Globic utilizes our proven strategies to successfully manage all our clients’ investor outreach initiatives, including: tender offers, exchange offers, consent solicitations, and bankruptcy votes.

Investor Identification

Unlock the power of successful investor outreach strategies with Globic!

Our cutting-edge approach empowers your business by identifying and connecting you with the ultimate investors. We delve deep into the intricate layers of ownership, seamlessly navigating through trustees, clearing systems, and custodial banks to unveil the coveted ultimate beneficial owners. With Globic as your trusted partner, you'll gain unrivaled access to your investor population, paving the way for meaningful connections and successful engagements. Elevate your initiative to new heights and maximize your outreach potential with Globic's expert solutions.

Information Agent Services

At Globic, we understand that every project's investor population is unique, and that's why our tailored strategies are designed to resonate specifically with your stakeholders and finely tuned to meet your unique needs and deal requirements.

Revolutionize your investor communications with Globic's cutting-edge technology-driven solutions! Backed by years of invaluable experience in the financial sector, Globic is at the forefront of innovation, our proprietary systems and advanced analytics enable us to craft tailor-made plans that cater precisely to the unique needs of each client and deal.

With a firm commitment to achieving 100% connections with the investor population, we leverage the full potential of technology to ensure your communications initiatives are not only successful but also timely and cost-effective.

  • Noticing Agent
  • Document Website Management

  • Investor Response Management

    Experience the epitome of efficiency and success with Globic's comprehensive investor response management!

    With our advanced data collection and tabulation capabilities, we ensure a maximum response rate from beneficial holders, keeping you and your advisors informed at every step of the transaction. Through ongoing dialogues with financial participants, we provide invaluable "behind-the-scenes" insights, giving you a deeper understanding of the transaction's progress and dynamics. At the conclusion of every deal, we provide you with a formal certification, meticulously detailing the methods and results of the transaction. This certification is crafted to meet the highest standards, making it suitable for presentation to any relevant authorities, including bankruptcy courts.

  • Tender Agent
  • Exchange Agent
  • Consent Solicitation
  • Bankruptcy Vote Tabulation
  • Proxy Solicitation

  • Transaction Mechanics Consultation

    Backed by our extensive legal and financial backgrounds, we possess invaluable insights into transaction mechanics, particularly document production.

    Our expertise extends beyond the technical aspects – we also specialize in the art of crafting compelling printed materials, strategically designed to resonate with investors and their financial intermediaries.

    With a deep understanding of how investors, intermediaries, and participants engage in various transaction types, we're equipped to advise you on shaping the communication of your deal. Our focus is on ensuring that your message is effectively conveyed, garnering a positive response from all stakeholders involved.